JNJ to roll-out single-shot COVID-19 vaccine this week

JNJ to roll-out single-shot COVID-19 vaccine this week This is a search for simplicity peter Hotez at Baylor makes it very clear what we need globally is the simplicity of vaccine delivery does JNJ accomplish that oh hi tom so I don’t think it can get simpler than the JNJ vaccine it needs very basic uh refrigeration and it’s one dose so yeah absolutely when could we actually see it getting rolled out in the united states think the dates that I’ve been hearing is in the next month or two that they did have some manufacturing issues but certainly picking up rapidly going into the second half so but let’s not forget that this vaccine you know the US has enough Moderna and Fisa vaccines now to cover the entirety of the population at least ordered so this is a vaccine that really could make a difference to the rest of the world Dr facility let me ask you the question I’ve asked all of our esteemed guests in virology which is from where you sit Sam do you look at the better statistics as an extrapolation forward into the spring of this year can you extrapolate to an optimistic outcome tom as you know would love to because it’s also my life but but I am always wary of these variants that are that are circling and would love to to to think that that they are not going to make a difference and if you look at some countries where they have the b117 variant that was first identified in the UK they’ve managed to get it under control with with lockdowns and measures so if we if we’re careful we can keep it under control if we’re not and we go into big gatherings ETC I think there’s a risk that we might have another wave.