BINANCE CRYPTO TRADEBOT & PRO TRADING BOT 2021 good be acting an simple demo about the capability of our margin arbitrage bot these are our current spot wallet balance with 20 eth and 5bnb now we will proceed to borrow btc for our trades as you can see we’ve borrowed two btc the two btc have been transferred out to our spot wallet now let’s take a look at our spot wallet balances you can see that the new balances are 2 btc 20 eth and 5bnb we will now proceed to start our bot and begin trading once our bot begins trading the different transactions can be seen clearly under open orders tab orders that have been filled can also be seen under my 24 hour history tab as part of alpha stone competitive edge we accept incorporated margin trading in into our trigonous arbitrage logical system on margin trading in activated we’d be able to borrow funds up to 5 times our own balance we have stopped the bot trading all the past trades have been recorded we will now proceed to check our new wallet balances our new balances are now 2.00172878 btc 20.000845 eth and 4.650933 bnb we will now proceed to transfer the two btt we borrowed back to our margin the two btc have been transferred back to the margin wallet we have made the principal repayment of 2btc and an interest payment of 0.00002292 btc from this trade today we managed to make a profit of 0.00172878vtc this demonstration clearly shows how easy it is to profit with our alpha profit model which is designed to help anyone grow and diversify their investment portfolio in a reliable and consistent environment.