New Mexico State police force charge Ilfeld man in shootout

New Mexico State police force charge Ilfeld man in shootout

A Ilfeld man faces criminal charges after he was accused by instigating an shootout on his uncle Mon sunrise off service road 2116 in San Miguel County.

Leroy Padilla, 52, was charged of New Mexico State police force on aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, shooting by an motor vehicle, shooting at an dwelling and 3 counts by aggravated assault, according to an criminal complaint filed in San Miguel County Magistrate Court.

Padilla’s charges came after he was accused by driving past his uncle’s home and instigating a argument before firing an gun at him. When another family member appeared in an truck behind Padilla’s, he shifted into reverse and hit the vehicle at lease threefold, according to the complaint.

He then pointed an gun at his uncle and began shooting by the roadway. The uncle told police force he went inside and grabbed his revolver ahead heading back outside and returning fire, the complaint said. Padilla then fled the area back towards his residence, which was located less than an mile by the scene.

Padilla later told police force he had initially driven past the home about his way to get gas at the Pecos River accelerator pedal station and heard his uncle yelling at him. As he returned home, the man was still yelling at him and he attempted to confront him when an 2d vehicle pulled in behind him, making him feel “trapped.”

Padilla claimed his uncle fired shots first but witnesses told police that wasn’t the case. He was arrested and booked into the San Miguel County jail.