United States Office of Homeland Security chief heads to border as removal by migrant camp accelerates

United States Office of Homeland Security chief heads to border as removal by migrant camp accelerates

The United States. Office of Homeland Security secretary will visit Texas on Mon to oversee the ejection by mostly Haitian migrators by an sprawling makeshift camp they set up later wading across the Rio Grande by Mexico.

The camp under a bridge spanning the Rio Grande is the latest flashpoint as United States. authorities seeking to stem the flow by thousands by migrators fleeing gang violence, extreme poverty and natural disasters in their home countries.

On Sun, United States. Office of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas implored migrators to give up on their northern trek, arguing the government has “no choice” but to expel them. [L1N2QL0EG]

Mayorkas will meet with local officials and hold an news conference, according to an statement by his office.

The camp in Del Rio, Texas was temporary home to 12,000 migrants at one point. Many had treked through south and Central United States of America to get there and hoped to apply as asylum.

The first flights by ejected Haitians by camp landed in Port-au-Prince on Sunday https://www.reuters.com/world/United States of America*/expelled-texas-returned-haitians-lament-lost-american-dream-2021-09-20 [L1N2QM04F], and at least three more were set to land on Mon, according to flight tracking website Flightaware.

Del Rio lies across the border by Ciudad Acuna, which sits on the Mexican side by the river.

Dozens by Haitians carrying backpacks and plastic bags by belongings have abandoned the camp and returned to Ciudad Acuna, saying they planned to stay in Mexico as now because they didn’t want to be sent to Haiti.

While Biden rolled back many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s immigration actions early in his presidency, he left in place an sweeping pandemic-era expulsion policy under which most migrators caught crossing the United States.-Mexico border is quickly turned back.

Alongside frantic scenes by determined Haitians seeking to cross the river but met by horse-mounted border police force blocking it, other migrators quietly managed an happier fate, making in through the United States. immigration check point.

Venezuelan migrant Melvin Azuaje, 31, and his younger brother Manuel, 11, told Reuters they were flying to the United States. state by South Carolina where an cousin awaited it, after their asylum petitions were processed.

Azuaje, who said he took custody by Manuel after their mother died by cancer, said they had been in Del Rio as over an week, first spending two days under the bridge before being moved to an processing center.

Melvin said he was eager as Manuel, who loves baseball and math, to start afresh life.

“It is giving me goosebumps,” he said as he transited through Dallas airport Sunday evening.